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Our Produce 


We currently grow six varieties of micro-greens and a collection of specialty tomatoes.  

Micro-Arugula 1.5oz container

MicroGreen Arugula
Micro Greens Arugula

Micro-Mild Salad 1.5oz container

MicroGreens Mild Salad
Micro Green Mild Salad

Micro-Basil 1.5oz container

MicroGreens Basil
Micro Greens Basil

Micro-Broccoli 2oz bag

MicroGreen Broccoli
Micro Greens Broccoli

Micro-Daikon 2oz bag

MicroGreens Daikon
Micro Greens Daikon

Micro-Pea Shoots 2oz bag

MicroGreens Pea Shoots
Micro Greens Pea Shoots

Specialty Tomatoes Coming Soon

Specialty Heirloom Tomaotoes
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